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Hiiiiiiiiii Terry!!!!!
This is Stephanie- and I feel like I haven't talked to you in ages!!!!  I miss you!

Our trip was AMAZING!!!!!!!  If you're on facebook, let me know, and we can become
friends and you can look at all of our pictures (we took about 1400) and I posted at
least 3 albums (60 photos each) per day.  Seriously, this was the best trip either
of us have ever been on.  And we kept saying "We have to thank Terry, she did an
awesome job!" We probably talked about you once or twice every day :)

Lufthansa was really great! (I flew with Iberia a year ago, and I'd say Lufthansa is
better)  The only hiccup we had was on our way there, we got on our plane in
Frankfurt, we were all situated and then the pilot came on the PA and said, "Oh by
the way the hydraulics are messed up, everybody off...we'll get ya a new plane
shortly," so we all got off and waited another hour or so in Germany before we left
for Athens.  It really wasn't a big deal, that was just the only thing that

Dana Villas was WONDERFUL!  They upgraded us to a junior suite right away and when
we went into our villa...there was a sweet bottle of champagne with a note...YOU are
fantastic, Terry!  Thank you SO very much for the champagne and the warm wishes!! 
It really started our honeymoon off just right!

We took the boat tour to the volcano and the hot springs (which were SO NOT
was more like a polar bear plunge!) and then we rode donkeys back up the cliff to
Fira (which was hilarious!).  We also woke up early enough one morning to watch the
sunrise, and we enjoyed our breakfast everyday, and we rented a four-wheeler one day
and checked out the entire island, and we watched the sunset every night!  There
isn't one thing I would change about our honeymoon- we are so thankful that we had
you as our travel agent, we had no concerns or worries- we knew it would all work
out, and we were right :)  You set us up perfectly!

If anyone ever says they are looking for a travel agent, we will definitely
recommend you- you were so perfect for us!  And you never know, we might be
traveling again in a year or so, and you better believe you will be hearing from us
:)  Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the most amazing trip we've ever taken!
 I hope your stomach is a bit more at ease now :)  You're the best, Terry!!!  We
hope you have an amazing day and we look forward to talking with you soon!!!
God bless!
Stephanie (and Brandon) Marrs
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